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Howto boot from NTLDR using .iso image?

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Answer – use Grub4Dos!

Quest for saving Biathlon recordings

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Last Thursday and Friday as usually I’ve recorded some TV shows of Biathlon 2007/2008 season’s first World Cup event’s, using my TV Tuner’s Winfast PVR software, as mpeg2 stream. Then authored to DVD as usual and boom – audio is out of sync (while mpeg2 file played on Windows Player Classic without any audio sync problems). Tried again with selecting right first and the last frame – the same. Tried another file – the same problem. Damn! Then I remembered that Cross Country event, which I’ve recorded on 24th of November, made as DVD had audio sync problem. But I haven’t investigated that time, as I already had deleted the source file.

After one day of investigation, in one forum I’ve found, that the newest Winfast PVR software (ver, which supports my TV Tuner is buggy. I’ve tried to rollback to one version back, this had the same problem. Then later took software from installation CD (ver, some long tests again and wow – it works! The first step then was complete, I could record mpeg2 stream from TV without audio sync problems.

The second step was more complicated – I still couldn’t author already captured mpeg2 material without audio sync problems. Once again searched over Internet, tried several mpeg2 editors (mpeg-vcr, virtualdub with mpeg2 support, etc.) and finally found one which done brilliant work – VideoRedo, using “QuickStream Fix” procedure from “Tools” menu – it fixed mpeg2 stream, so I could properly author my mpeg2 material to DVD.

Ooh! My biathlon has been saved :)

Removing Vista

Friday, October 19th, 2007

It happened that I had to remove Microsoft Windows Vista from brand new laptop and install Microsoft Windows XP. I succeeded only when I changed SATA AHCI setting in BIOS from “Enable” to “Disable” (XP setup couldn’t find HDD until that).

Garso takelių ištraukimas iš DVD diskų

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Pažiūrėjus kažkada pavasarį “Viešnia iš ateities”, labai užsimaniau pagrindinės dainos. Deja, eMule jos neturėjo (nebuvo pakankamai “source’ų”), taigi teko traukti tiesiai iš DVD. Prisiruošiau ir pasinaudojęs AC3 Tool, misiją įvykdžiau :) Gana geras įrankis dirbti su .vob failų takeliais ir jų konversija.

“no ip address found for host” + Exim

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Kažkuriuo metu Exim’as sudurniavo ir nebenorėjo veikti kaip smtp serveris.

Sprendimą radau čia:

You are probably checking for ident and get a timeout.
Check your config file for rfc1413_query_timeout.
You can put something like this to lower the timeout to 1s.
rfc1413_hosts = *
rfc1413_query_timeout = 1s

If you don’t wish to check for ident, just use:
rfc1413_hosts = :

Aišku, kodėl taip nutiko nekeičiant konfigūracinių failų, neįsivaizduoju.